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"A country where flowers are priced so as to make them a luxury has yet to learn the first principles of civilization."
-Chinese Proverb


(ooc) miss meb iotches??? by Ask-Xian
(ooc) miss meb iotches???
yeah, i know you missed me, aru. 

((jk admin is absolute trash goo D BYE LAST THING OH GOD I NEED SLEEP
OOPS by Ask-Xian

????? MY HAND SLIPPED I SWEAR BUT IT'S ALMOST 3 AM SO I AM VERY TIRED (and i just had a music concert lmao shot) 

have some annshi singing a lullaby to tulio, some tsundere anni,some other things and ?????  i literally cannot draw muscular men roxy pls forgive me i'll atone for my failings dw

will add/improve on later
whisper cute things in my ear by Ask-Xian
whisper cute things in my ear
and i might give you a kiss

hi call me mimi or yaya (whichever you feel is better). 
- Xxcookie--chanxX (main) | Ask-Xian | tumblr | skype (ask/note)

- ♀ | 16 | Sept. 5 | Virgo | 157 cm/ 5' 1.5'' | i love dorks and i cannot lie

- WARNING: yes i do swear, im sorry! let me know if it bothers you, i will try to swear less when speaking to you/ possibly in journals.

-I LOVE history and i study lots of things like language, history, politics, philosophy, culture, etc. I am Chinese/Japanese/American (more Chinese but family recognizes as solely Chinese and for understandable reason). I'm american (murica represent) I speak fluent English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Shanghainese and know a good chunk of Niuean and Swedish. I'm learning Japanese (again sort of), Spanish (in school), Swedish, and Hungarian. I swear a lot too sorry lol but if you're uncomfortable with it, just tell me!

I used to do debate, did MUN, I am mostly musically-oriented, self-taught doodler and I like anime and lots of things lol. I do not bite I promise but I will defend what I believe in. im also very open-minded doe so i love discussions!yeh im short okay, but i am a firecracker and i will destroy all that you love. i resolve to be the kawaiiest, chibi-est, and deadliest thing ever in a flower crown biotch Thanks and i love you all! (◕‿◕✿)
hi hello, going to be inactive for a bit more now ; v ; 

school's absolute hell, im dying at a faster rate than i can regenerate. if you'd like to keep in touch with me, NOTE me for my skype and i'm on tumblr a lot nowadays at

my interest in history has not dulled down, if anything, it has grown immensely. i just really, really, REALLY hate school. 

i signed up for another competition, and i won so i'll be in NEW YORK CITY, NY for a few days. I'm performing at Weill Hall at Carnegie on June 14th in the early afternoon so maybe after that if any of you are in the area, we can meet up and i'll buy you pudding yehhh (;

i hope you're all doing well! many of you are still skype-chatting me which is very nice but there's a very low probability i'll be back until summer hits up again. i'm in my junior year of high school now, which is arguably the most important year if you want to go to universities/colleges. i've still been drawing yeh (still poorly). 

thank you, please stay happy and healthy! <3


falling,gone✿( Ānnshǐ Lǐ)
People's Republic of China


( "Flowers leave their fragrance in the hands that bestow them" -Chinese Proverb )

"To forget one's ancestor's is to be a brook without a source, a tree without root." -Chinese Proverb

Representation: Four Great Ancient Capitals of China ( Beijing, Luoyang, Nanjing(Nanking), Xi'an )

"The Chinese phrase, 中國四大古都, Four Great Ancient Capitals of China traditionally refers to Beijing, Xi'an, Luoyang and Nanjing. "

Human Name: 李安使 , Lǐ Ānnshǐ(Eastern order), Ānnshǐ Lǐ (Western order)

Height: 161 cm ( about 5' 2'' )

Human Age: about 25

Birthdate: January 10th

"If you bow at all, bow low."
-Chinese Proverb

Personality:Annshi is a bright and very cheerful woman, very welcoming, and fun-loving. Though being incredibly old, she acts nothing like her age—being rather childish however; she can be very motherly and can take serious matters in a mature way-- she can be a bit sly and is a very observant person. She has a very serene and perhaps, simple personality; she tries to please all parties involved to try to avoid conflict at all costs. She is easily flustered. Annshi is also quite the workaholic, burying herself in tasks big and small in order to ensure the happiest for her boss, China, whom she is very protective and defensive of. She is not easily frightened and often takes things on the positive side. Annshi is quite the party animal, occasionally drinking and loves festivals and celebrations. She silently complains how the world has changed and on historical days, is painfully reminded of the past.
She loves many things, particularly food, flowers, and culture. She is slightly tomboyish but will be willing to wear extravagant and beautiful Chinese clothing. She dislikes conflicts and values family and friendship greatly. She is quite the virtuous one, often citing proverbs and reminiscing of the great ancient past. She is capable of many things such as negotiating, business, gardening, music, combat, swordplay, various sports, singing, dancing, acting, art, cooking, etc.

Possible Faceclaims
Appearance: Annshi has a bit of a fox-like face with endearing dark-brown eyes and small, defined lips. Her dark-brown hair, which ends in a single curl, is tied with a a jade or regular hairband. She sports a red and gold-trimmed qipao with dark brown trousers with tights, no tights, or light-beige bandages wrapped around, and black Chinese slippers. She wears red jade earrings and a green jade bracelet which is hidden by her long sleeves. She possess a fairly average, if not a bit thin, frame. She possess a slight hourglass figure and small hands and feet. Overall, she's a rather petite person. Her skin is slightly tanner than Yao's, being that she spends more time outdoors fulfilling her duties.

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