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"A country where flowers are priced so as to make them a luxury has yet to learn the first principles of civilization."
-Chinese Proverb


while searching for what pieces were uploaded that were mine(which btw, has revealed whoever has been reuploading has been doing so since my beginning here and most recently uploaded something of mine from a month ago), i found a bUNCH that were from others here. in the hetalia ask community. and the ask community in general. 

this site is pretty shitty; pop-up window ads, taking like 5 refreshes to download the page, redirects you to a different image when you click on an image. and because it's so shitty and unused, it may seem like no one should be wasting time on. 

which i guess is true. im probably wasting my time. but my problem is not who is seeing it. my problem is who the fuck is reuploading stuff. and yeah this happens a lot, probably more often for you talented people out there. 

it probably isn't worth to complain; i still did but \: 

again, the site is 

have a stab at it. maybe you'll find your stuff... 
so previous journal i just noticed how some of my art got on this site called quoteko. 

as poorly done as this website is, they seem to take the whole copyright thing seriously ( )

so if any of you see your artwork that you did NOT put on there, like myself, contact them. 

so yeah. if you're not sure how to see if your work is on there, go to some art you have up, right-click and click on "Search Google for this Image". it'll bring you to a new tab and if you see any links to quoteko, you'll know. 

thanks everyone <3

idk who the hell posted that really old deviantID i had, but the site is poorly done and you have to scroll down to see mine (it's near the end) 

also this one also had two of mine but they sourced and linked it back to this page i have so many conflicting feelings right now pwHA…… (strikes again! this time my shanghai stuff)

EDIT: this quoteko site is...interesting. they seem to credit the stuff they put on there?? maybe one of your stuff is on there o: who knows. 

my art is not even a thing you can use to personalize something since it's so randomly done (but i did deal with a dA user that had taken my art for her fem!china account ohp;; )
-Make it clear that you'd like to RP please! It will make things much easier for me(:
-I don't mind any style that you RP in~ I will respond in the same format you RP in though!
-I RP with various AU(Alternate Universes).
-I prefer more well-researched OCs; however, I'm also here to help! 
-When I use Chinese words, I will offer the English translation, no worries! 
-Smut remains in notes. If I think I see where it's going, please notes, uvu
-Any genre of RP subject (ex: gore, death, mystery, adventure, etc) is allowed! Though I may be shaky on some certain subjects but we'll talk if the time comes.
-Any questions about what type of character Annshi is? A general idea is given in the DeviantID box and more details are labelled on my page!
-I can do chat rooms, send me a note of where you would like to chat and we'll RP!
-I am more likely to reply if it's not just some chit-chat; I shall try my best however! 
-Have fun! This should be enjoyable for all of us (: Thank you!

Just a lil' something by Xxcookie--chanxX 
Notes: Annshi x the World
= Pairings only with Hetalia Ask/RP accounts.
= I prefer hetero ships but eyo, if relations get close I'm a-okay.
= Relationships with Japanese and Russian accounts require more effort/Rping
    = I am not a fan of Russian and Chinese ships; nor Japanese and Chinese ships; hence why a lot of RPing is needed.
= If no significant relations, also requires more effort/Rping
= No bashing of ships
= I ship multiple pairings but I will establish "the one" if we talk about it/RP and such 
= Go nuts  


falling,gone✿(Annshi Li)
People's Republic of China


( "Flowers leave their fragrance in the hands that bestow them" -Chinese Proverb )

你好儿 (Hello aru!)
我希望我们能成为好朋友儿!(I hope that we can become very good friends!)

"To forget one's ancestor's is to be a brook without a source, a tree without root." -Chinese Proverb

Representation: Four Great Ancient Capitals of China ( Beijing, Luoyang, Nanjing(Nanking), Xi'an )

"The Chinese phrase, 中國四大古都, Four Great Ancient Capitals of China traditionally refers to Beijing, Xi'an, Luoyang and Nanjing. "

Human Name: 李安使 , Li Annshi (Eastern order), Annshi Li (Western order)

Height: 161 cm ( about 5' 2'' )

Appearance-wise Age: What do you think?

Birthdate: January 10th

"If you bow at all, bow low."
-Chinese Proverb

Personality:Annshi is a bright and very cheerful woman, very welcoming, and fun-loving. Though being incredibly old, she acts nothing like her age—being rather childish however; she can be very motherly and can take serious matters in a mature way-- she can be a bit sly and is a very observant person. She has a very serene and perhaps, simple personality; she tries to please all parties involved to try to avoid conflict at all costs. She is easily flustered. Annshi is also quite the workaholic, burying herself in tasks big and small in order to ensure the happiest for her boss, China, whom she is very protective and defensive of. She is not easily frightened and often takes things on the positive side. Annshi is quite the party animal, occasionally drinking and loves festivals and celebrations. She silently complains how the world has changed and on historical days, is painfully reminded of the past.
She loves many things, particularly food, flowers, and culture. She is slightly tomboyish but will be willing to wear extravagant and beautiful Chinese clothing. She dislikes conflicts and values family and friendship greatly. She is quite the virtuous one, often citing proverbs and reminiscing of the great ancient past. She is capable of many things such as negotiating, business, gardening, music, combat, swordplay, various sports, singing, dancing, acting, art, cooking, etc.

Possible Faceclaims
Appearance: Annshi has a bit of a fox-like face with endearing dark-brown eyes and small, defined lips. Her dark-brown hair, which ends in a single curl, is tied with a a jade or regular hairband. She sports a red and gold-trimmed qipao with dark brown trousers with tights, no tights, or light-beige bandages wrapped around, and black Chinese slippers. She wears red jade earrings and a green jade bracelet which is hidden by her long sleeves. She possess a fairly average, if not a bit thin, frame. She possess an hourglass figure and small hands and feet. Overall, she's a rather petite person. Her skin is slightly tanner than Yao's, being that she spends more time outdoors fulfilling her duties.

Admin Info

Other accounts: :iconask---shanghai: Ask---Shanghai

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LilyClouds Mar 16, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Beijing: 姐姐~ 你今天怎么样?
[flaps sleeves at her]
Wǒ èle. u n u 

((how the hell do i pinyin on an english keyboard))
//gets hit in the face with that heavy af sleeve 

好吧儿, 好吧儿-- 

//runs to the kitchen to quickly whip up something

noodles, dumplings, soup, or cold chicken;; pick ya favorite dearest~ 

(( google translate is that acquaintance person that you only talk to when you have to )) 
[O NO HE FEels bad about that]
[he'll pay her back with a mall shopping spree or smth later]

Uhm, uhm- 
Dumplings, qǐng? 

i just went to the wikipedia page on pinyin and was copypasting tone letters from the tone section but that was messing with the html //breathes))
//hands him the dumpling tray, quickly places the others on the table 
today's tea is... //lifts the top

chrysanthemum petals mixed with a dash of money and green tea lives with a teeeeny-tinnyyyy bit of mint~! 
//pours into his pretty little teacup 

(( AHAH i'm too lazy to go on that page...but i kind of know the rough english translation so google translate is easier for me?? idek. 

stay strong bby 
you can do it
<3 )) 
Gamzee: SuP bRo.
space-owls Feb 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the watch!
Explosion245 Feb 18, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
你好啊 ;u;
你画的画好漂亮啊 >.<
AlphonseElricsWife Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thank chu for that fave!~uvu
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