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"A country where flowers are priced so as to make them a luxury has yet to learn the first principles of civilization."
-Chinese Proverb


hiatus is still in motion. tbh don't know how long i'll actually be on here. might just be an inactive account as a whole. if i don't come back, let me just say thanks for being here, all. may you all be happy and healthy and if times are tough, remember there is a bright future out there for you <3
bye, love you all!
*Not meant to be racist or racially offensive. If you don't agree be polite and mature, everyone has different opinions and viewpoints, and discussion and understanding the way to a better mind.

RACISM is a systematic oppression of one group over another through political, economic, and social means.

RACISM is the belief that members of a specific group of people with a shared nationality and/or ethnicity are superior to another race because of certain characteristics, ideologies, and cultural aspects.

STEREOTYPES are the repetitive cultural, behavioral, and societal norms that are observed by other races and/or groups of people to identify a particular race or general group of people.

Stereotypes can and can NOT be a form of racism.

It lies within the INTENT and CONTEXT.

RACISM, also, is not just about how you "feel". If I were to call a white person "cracker", that is incredibly rude, uncalled for, and horrible, but it is not racist. If a white person called me "chink" or "coolie", THAT is racist. Why? Because there is meaning. Americans called people of Chinese descent "chinks" and labeled them a threat to American life. They were afraid of the so-called "Yellow Peril" and had their media portray Asians, particularly Chinese in earlier uses, in racist caricatures with guns, small eyes, big teeth, and the braided ponytail (called a queue); Congress even passed a Chinese Exclusion Act to prevent any more from passing international border, but allowed Europeans to immigrate. "Coolie" is also offensive because it refers to the Chinese and other Asians that were either kidnapped or sold to Western nations for cheap slave labor. In fact, the Transcontinental Railroad in the United States was built by these very people. My father's side of the family did not come as slaves, but they did come to build the Transcontinental Railroad and settle for the Gold Rush in 1849, but of course, they were not welcome. There was a system of oppression and coherent racist (superiority) in this context.

Note that there is a distinction also, between Caucasians and people of color. I hate it when I hear particular white people say that they cannot say certain things but other people can. First of all, there should be none of this language and name-calling IN THE FIRST PLACE. Using defamatory slurs is terrible, any name-calling in general is childish. This includes also, people of color who believe it is "okay" to say these AWFUL remarks just because they are oppressed. It's not okay for anyone.

Also, white privilege is real. But that doesn't excuse someone from trying to succeed. Many people simply blame white privilege for their problems, and while it DOES play some role, it's not the only factor deciding one's future.

I use "white" only for distinction of color. I don't hate these people. It's the occasional bad egg. Knowledge is a very powerful thing. With knowledge you can do a lot about this really dumb world, 'kay.
worst three-day weekend ever doe lol
i took my SAT on saturday, sunday i got a horrific haircut the ONE day i go out with my family to eat lunch and get haircuts (bc normally i stay at home and study or be on the internet) and today i received flu shots and mourned over the loss of my curls

an astonishing development also, got a call from my grandpa about my great-grandmother (who is japanese and was his mom), and he inherited this little journal she kept before she was killed by the Communists and wowie.

apparently, their family name was HONDA. i used to make fun of japan's name and woopdeedoo now i am a Honda T v T //ironic laughing&crying in the distance. it was really nice though. apparently in one of her entries, she went to visit one of those sketchy "see your future" stands a chinese market in shanghai once and got her palm read and all that pseudo-science shiet and the person told her that her first grandchild would be a girl born in another country(which was correct btw but statistically speaking that's actually a pretty big chance since it's 50/50 .-. ). ANYWAY, so my grandma made a name and supposedly, had she'd been alive, she would've wanted me to be named "Honda Konomi" or "Honda Konoko"; a nice sentiment. If I ever move to Japan or transfer over there for something (Japanese citizens are required to have Japanese names), I'd use that.

so yeah. sad that she never got to see because my family members usually live very long (my mom's side great-grandma is still alive at a great age of 99 lol and dad's side great-grandmother died at 103). but yeh

my hair is a disaster though

anyway, hope you all have been doing well~
- Faceclaims include: Li Man (here and here), Li Bingbing, Tong Liya.
- Voiceclaim:
泠鸢yousa ("Grandmother Bridge"-Cover) or Yang Yuying ("The Blooming of Rainy Night Flowers")
- Name:
李安使, Lǐ Ānnshǐ, meaning “angelic peace” or “maker/sender/messenger of peace”.
- Her name comes from
天使 ( tiān shǐ ),meaning “angel” and 使( shǐ ), on its own can mean “to cause/make/send” or “envoy/messenger of”. ( ān ), means “peace” while ( lǐ ), is the second most common Chinese surname meaning “plum”. Her name is romanized with 2 “n’s” for the purpose of looking less strange.
- Stands at 161 cm (about 5'2'').
- Weighs about 43.8 kg (about 97 lbs).
- Birthday: January 10th. ( Because there is no official date of status/establishment for cities as old as these, I used the day that the People's Government of Shaanxi was established. HOWEVER, an alternative would be December 24 from 1936, during the Xi’an Incident where the Nationalists and the Communists agreed to stop their war to fight against the Japanese. )
- Around mid-20s; she looks young and is childish, but she’s most likely 25 human years old.
- Her skin tone is tanner than Yao's.
- She has dark-brown to black slightly wavy hair that ends just above her tailbone.
- Her curl represents the sort of "hook/crescent" shape that the Four Great Ancient Capitals appear to make.
- Pre-Republican Era, she was very plump and soft and also had paler skin. Nowadays she is fairly lean with more muscle on her body. She now possesses a rather healthy physique.
- She’s a little plump in the thighs and upper calf area.
- Has a petite, small frame.
- Has a slightly less-defined hourglass-type body.
- She has very petite, delicate hands and feet.
- Her attire consists of a red qipao/cheongsam paired with dark brown trousers and black Chinese slippers/flats. She wears dark red jade earrings and a jade bracelet. Her hair is tied into a loose side-ponytail with a dark green hairband. She often will wear bandages around her forearms and calves. When her hair is tied into a bun, she often accompanies it with a red ribbon.
- Her sleeves are a void.
- She has breathing problems and other problems such as shoulder pains, foot cramps, and migraines.
- She is not particularly fond of Western attire and opts for her beautiful Chinese garments.
- Always smells of flowers and spices.

- Has a serene, peaceful personality; she dislikes conflict and strives to reach negotiation, unless provoked otherwise.
- On that topic, she’s incredibly protective of Yao and has dedicated her life to serving and taking care of him. To her, she feels her mere existence was just for him and feels incredibly damaged and guilty whenever he is injured or unhappy.
- Playful, childish, and frivolous. She’s diligent in her work but once things start to dissolve she’s gets quite frolicsome.
- Is rather superstitious, don't give her clocks or items in fours.
- She holds Taoist/Daoist, Buddhist, and traditional Chinese beliefs in high-esteem but is very religiously-tolerant as she was once(and still is) polytheistic and a center for Islamic religion.
- Is virtuous and adopts the use of proverbs in daily speech.
- May come off as a tad bit shy, but opens up fairly quickly; however, it is difficult to earn her trust.
- Tends to baby others, even with her childish, youthful quirks.
- Believes in living in the now, but honoring the past and building the future.
- She often reminisces about the ancient past--not so much more recent history.
- Before the Open Door Policy, she remained very blunt and rude with foreigners but later became friendly and welcoming.
- Despite her usual carefree persona, she is comparatively stricter with her "family"(the provinces, including Hong Kong and Macau) and often is bossy around them. She's a bit condescending around them as well. She's often the one to settle conflicts and scolds them but she truly loves them all dearly.
- Doesn’t particularly mind profanity/swearing/cussing. She finds it quite liberating actually, but she, herself, rarely ever swears.

- She primarily speaks with the Beijing Accent but her country-side dialect will often show when she uses words such as "ya, ya'll, nah".
- Will often invite you for tea or food.
- May give others gifts spontaneously.
- Often uses Chinese words(English translation will be given as well).
- When going outside, she always carries a basket to carry flowers, food, gifts, etc.
- Always carries her bamboo flute (dízi, 笛子) in her sleeves and will play this whenever she finds some quiet time.
- Bows often; expect them frequently.
- Is a very capable negotiator.
- Performs Tang Dynasty-style dinner shows/operas/musicals, and also partakes in Peking Opera.
- She wakes up early every morning, often to make tea and prepare for the other provinces.
- She tends to the gardens around her home.
- Lives in a different city of the ancient capitals each season (on profile will show her current location).
- Works very hard for her boss, China/Yao, to ensure the best for him.
- Cannot reject an invitation to drink, under certain circumstances.
- She will have the tendency to mutter cooking instructions when faced with an animal or if someone has magically turned into an animal.
- Can act extremely old and wise on occasion; advise from her is like from a sage.
- Will often refer to people west of Asia as “Westerners” and has a tendency to call people “dear/dearie”.
- Is easily embarrassed by compliments.

- Loves food, flowers, hotsprings, tea, and of course, her culture.
- Loves silky and fluffy objects.
- Her family is the most important thing to her (this extends to those influenced by China as well).
- Enjoys satirical material.
- She travels often.
- Prefers biking/motor-biking to driving.
- Doesn't really like to swim, prefers more land-based sports/activities
- Dislikes too much close-contact, hugs are okay with people she has known for a while but unless one is her lover she is quite uncomfortable with physical contact.
- Her pets include: her personal panda (xiǎo bāo,
小包, ♀ ), a Chow-Chow (táng-táng, 唐唐,), a Shih-Tzu (shī-shī, 獅獅, ♀), and a Dragon Li--a type of cat--( xiǎo huā, 小花, ♀ ), and a tiger. (hǔ wáng, 虎王, ♂)

Admin's Notes:
- I do not consider Annshi and Yao as siblings per-say. Though I do believe they are "family", I believe that a cities/town/villages/settlements/etc. appear before an actual nation. I do not entirely believe the notion that a country suddenly appears and then settlements follow; no, I believe that settlements are established and a somewhat formal "unity" is created, thus making a nation, and making it not directly geographically linked. With this logic, I affirm that the cities and towns/etc. of a nation are "workers" in a way for the nation; the capital is especially given the duty to take care of the nation and make sure everything runs smoothly.
- Also in this way, age works a different matter. For example, Annshi would be technically older than Yao due to her existence arriving before his. However, because of a nation's quick-paced development, nations soon surpass the age of cities/towns/etc., making them now older than the latter.
- Annshi’s birthday is technically “inaccurate” due to historical obscurity. However, it remains on January 10th because I can’t change it and because it’s the only exact dates out there to use.
- Annshi’s name is romanized differently than how
(ān) is normally written in pinyin because they can indeed, vary. Plus it looks a little weird with one “n”.
- Headcanons are derived from historical facts, stereotypes, articles/pamphlets/books/etc., and personal experience. I believe that headcanons serve to "spice up" a character and make them seem more "human" and interesting.


"Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously
the head, the heart and the senses."
-Lao Tzu

:iconluvluvplz: :iconespera-un-momento: :iconluvluvplz:
我爱你 (i love you)
This warm feeling I feel that wells inside my heart...In a world that is filled with cruelty and hatred,
it is important to love. We have more history than most would imagine!
You make me smile and love me despite my strange quirks and my tumultuous past.
You are also like a panda~!

I love you all so very much...I wish only the best for you all in health and in happiness. All that I do, is for all of you.

Aiyaaa, I remember when you were just the young flower bud that spent her days near the ports~
You truly are a flower, look how you've grown, dear! We do not always agree
but please know that I am afraid and worried for your sake.
Keep your values!

All that I do in life, my purpose, my being, is dedicated to you.
The the tears shed, the blood spilled, the pain felt, it is because I have failed.
I worry for the future as the world keeps moving...I know you also wish that the world would slow,
to simpler times when humanity was not so engulfed in its arrogance.
But I will do my best.

You work yourself too hard! Please, do not stress yourself! I know you are a busy man,
and there are many things that I do not know about you,
 but I am here for you. You are a quiet, aloof man, that I can understand.
Your honor defines you and so does your silence but whatever pain I feel from our past,
 I know you feel a much heavier burden.
Allow me.

[Hong Kong]
Aiyaaa! First I must apologize...I know you do not like our mainland people, but I assure you!
I know that you are aware that our care for one another transcends any ridiculous political boundary.
You are a tenacious, stubborn young man; please be careful when rioting out in the streets!
I am sorry for my past failure, for my own stubbornness I have caused you and our family to suffer.
It won't happen again.

Watching you grow into the beautiful young woman today and watching as your love turned into animosity,
has both mended and broken my heart. I know, like the others, you do not hate us.
We are not embodiments of hate; we are a vessel for humanity.
Still, I enjoy to the fullest the moments that we share that are filled only with happiness and peace.
I wish for your independence; you are no longer a child. Just do not forget about us, please?
I wish you the best of luck.

[Japan] I begin? I've seen you grow immensely; I'm really quite proud, actually. Like the bamboo whose sprouts begin in the earth,
you have reached new heights! But...I cannot forget. And I will never forget, what thing you have done.
I know it's complicated, especially when humans are involved in this confusion. But I know that you are regretful and we are regretful
and we all wish to love you and be at peace with you like we once did.
I believe in that future.
I trust in that.

I only, jokingly, somewhat and reluctant to add you into "family". Because it's true; you are not one of our own
 and yet you are. Your past attempts of capture were a failure but I do greatly admire your masculinity and valor
You possess a latent strength that cannot simply be ignored.
The respect you demanded in your great empire is possibly the greatest I have seen. But please, do have /some/ manners.
Also falcons do not belong at the dinner table!

You have all shown me another world...Would you like some tea?

We must talk more! You are such a fascinating person with your cute headband and clothes and bubbly personality! Your hair too...
It looks so fluffy and soft, how do you do it? You're such a lovely young lady
we should really talk more often, dear! Stay safe in America, he's such a wild man!
Drop out anytime for tea and some little treats.

You are such a wonderful young lady! I have seen you grow from afar; it is quite remarkable to see the growth
of someone that has grown to be honest, hard-working, and lovely.
We must chat over some tea again sometime!
Keep on smiling!

I have conflicting feelings about you. I admire your mannerisms and your taste for refined, polite etiquette
but I also detest your cuisine. What were you thinking? Our past has been very rough.
I do not forgive you very lightly for what you have done to my family.
You have done an unforgivable sin that will forever taint the memories of us and our people.
And you still have not apologized.
But I digress.

I find you more tasteful than that Englishman, so that's a point for you! You're quite frivolous really, you say much but do very little but when you do put forth action, you mean it.
I thank you for taking part in raising Shanghai.
She's grown quite much from your strange, Western teachings...
Don't get too comfortable.

I am...confused. I am in of the deepest thanks for your help and your charity during our time of need
but you have betrayed us and helped us once more. It seems that once you have allowed us to touch the light,
you take it for yourself. But do not worry, I do not judge you so heavily. I know your pain.
It is a pain that is felt within us as well. Like the rest, you are ruled by the politics and we have no such control;
I know deep in your heart you simply want what's best.
I will share your pain.</u>
hiatus is still in motion. tbh don't know how long i'll actually be on here. might just be an inactive account as a whole. if i don't come back, let me just say thanks for being here, all. may you all be happy and healthy and if times are tough, remember there is a bright future out there for you <3
bye, love you all!


falling,gone✿( Ānnshǐ Lǐ)
People's Republic of China


( "Flowers leave their fragrance in the hands that bestow them" -Chinese Proverb )

"To forget one's ancestor's is to be a brook without a source, a tree without root." -Chinese Proverb

Representation: Four Great Ancient Capitals of China ( Beijing, Luoyang, Nanjing(Nanking), Xi'an )

"The Chinese phrase, 中國四大古都, Four Great Ancient Capitals of China traditionally refers to Beijing, Xi'an, Luoyang and Nanjing. "

Human Name: 李安使 , Lǐ Ānnshǐ(Eastern order), Ānnshǐ Lǐ (Western order)

Height: 161 cm ( about 5' 2'' )

Human Age: about 25

Birthdate: January 10th

"If you bow at all, bow low."
-Chinese Proverb

Personality:Annshi is a bright and very cheerful woman, very welcoming, and fun-loving. Though being incredibly old, she acts nothing like her age—being rather childish however; she can be very motherly and can take serious matters in a mature way-- she can be a bit sly and is a very observant person. She has a very serene and perhaps, simple personality; she tries to please all parties involved to try to avoid conflict at all costs. She is easily flustered. Annshi is also quite the workaholic, burying herself in tasks big and small in order to ensure the happiest for her boss, China, whom she is very protective and defensive of. She is not easily frightened and often takes things on the positive side. Annshi is quite the party animal, occasionally drinking and loves festivals and celebrations. She silently complains how the world has changed and on historical days, is painfully reminded of the past.
She loves many things, particularly food, flowers, and culture. She is slightly tomboyish but will be willing to wear extravagant and beautiful Chinese clothing. She dislikes conflicts and values family and friendship greatly. She is quite the virtuous one, often citing proverbs and reminiscing of the great ancient past. She is capable of many things such as negotiating, business, gardening, music, combat, swordplay, various sports, singing, dancing, acting, art, cooking, etc.

Possible Faceclaims
Appearance: Annshi has a bit of a fox-like face with endearing dark-brown eyes and small, defined lips. Her dark-brown hair, which ends in a single curl, is tied with a a jade or regular hairband. She sports a red and gold-trimmed qipao with dark brown trousers with tights, no tights, or light-beige bandages wrapped around, and black Chinese slippers. She wears red jade earrings and a green jade bracelet which is hidden by her long sleeves. She possess a fairly average, if not a bit thin, frame. She possess an hourglass figure and small hands and feet. Overall, she's a rather petite person. Her skin is slightly tanner than Yao's, being that she spends more time outdoors fulfilling her duties.

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