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RESPECT GUYS. If you're an ask/rp account with your own OC let me just say, You. You have guts. You are brave. And not just OCs, even redesigns of characters with ask/RP accounts. With the growing number of OC accounts I'd just like to say some things.

First off, if you're an OC account which has information down the line or have journals all about your area and such, I immediately applaud you. If you spent more than a few months on your OC, possibly redesigning looks and personality, and spent so much time on information for your character, I salute you. I see so many OCs out there. So many who have wonderful admins who've spent a TON of time researching and just spending time with their character. These people need more watchers. More questions. More love.  
If you spent TIME and EFFORT on your OC and it wasn't JUST for the sole use of SHIPPING, then I respect you. So much.

I would just like to say, making OCs is NOT an easy job. This OC, I've had for a little over a year now. She has gone very far. I'm going to tell you guys something, and you can let it choose to change your opinion of me. But I have a confession. I was once, like a crazy shipper. A blinded fangirl, waltzing over the historic material so shown forth on my screen. I only cared for the looks of the characters. I decided to make an OC. I didn't want a country, I still don't remember why but I had settled on a place in China. At first, (very, very embarrassingly), Annshi was once paired with Japan. In happiness too. Her name was Kaida. A Japanese name. Even now I look back and resist the urge to slap my own face HARD across. What was I thinking? How COULD I? Then, I actually began to research. I began the search. The search spiked my interest in history. Once before, I liked history but did not enjoy it as much as I did now. But that all changed. I began to read articles on the Four Great Ancient Capitals. Beijing. Nanjing. Luoyang. Xi'an. Each a place to tell their story. From the build of the magnificent Great Wall of China, to the Nanjing Massacre, to the glorious achievements of Luoyang, to the revival of Chang'an/Xi'an. Suddenly, I felt different. More knowledge. More caring. More aware. I became someone TOTALLY different. I realized how important history was. How it was something that brought me, us, to where we are today. I began to read all the old Chinese books my parents and grandparents had. I was overjoyed. I took a look back at my OC. Disgusted, I started over, keeping still a portion of her looks. I started this account with giving her no human name, but that was before I became aware. Slowly, very slowly, I began to care more and more. I became shocked by own stupidity. I wanted to just punch myself in the gut. I began to show so much sympathy for Chinese history. I began to ask my own family. Their hardships, their pain, their lives, their thoughts on these. I learned so much. I became hungry for knowledge. I started reading as many history books as I could. Not just Chinese history, I branched off to history of Asia and soon Europe, and Africa, and South America. There was so much to learn. So much to know more about. many things that people DIDN'T know. I was killed inside because so many people knew some events more than others, others being even more atrocious and horrific to mankind as ever. I looked in my own textbooks; nothing about Southeast Asia, nothing about war crimes in China, nothing about anything else. Then I began to understand the world a little better. I began to grow the ability to see other peoples' point of view, respectively. I grew more aware of the world. What kind of world it was. What happiness and what horrors there were. Such a sloppy conglomeration of hope and death. Annshi has changed much. I have changed much. And I am proud to say that I literally started from the depths of blindness to become at least a little more aware of the world. I'm proud of my OC, even if she's not the greatest, she's come a long way. And in the journals that I write and deviations I post, I hope people will learn more about China, and not just what they are taught to know. I hope people can learn at least something from what I write, even if what I type sounds pretty stupid sometimes. And I hope that I learn from people, you guys, too--

But anyway, OC creators, you are the brave ones. Your OC is like a porcelain doll that you bring to show-and-tell. A fragile being that could easily be shattered by the screeches of the critical. I salute you all and hope you all a safe journey. RESPECT is all I'm saying. OC creators spend time and effort and show their baby to the world. The world which we all know is a critic. Some good comment. Some bad comments. All of which you have all bear through. Your heart is strong and so is your mind. I applaud all those OC accounts.

It's a lot more difficult to get attention as an OC. When you are a canon character, people flock to you like wildfire. When you are an OC, people(often crazy fangirls) may take advantage of your character, are cautious, and eve completely ignore your character. "It's not canon" they say. You know what we say to them? "NO NEED!" OC creators are bearing through it all. Canon accounts have no worry for being criticized. No worry for being critiqued. No worry for lack of watchers or fans. But OC creators often do. We constantly worry, "is our character good enough?" while even some CANON characters are even flawed. I don't think it's just for a canon character to have flaws and OCs cannot have ANY. Where is the sense in that? Canon may be by Himaruya, but he was human. And so are the OC creators.

My main point, OC creators of all your precious well-researched and treasured OC darlings, YOU are strong and brave and absolutely AMAZING. You've got GUTS. You all deserve a huge medal. You all deserve a ton of cookies. You all deserve to be noticed. You all deserve love. Ya'll need some appreciation. If you're an admin of an OC account and you're feeling like nobody cares and you don't matter, DON'T SAY THAT! You DO matter and you are INCREDIBLE. People. RESPECT. If you're an OC account and having some trouble getting some attention, ASK ME! I will make journals! I will do whatever I can!! All your OCs need love!!!!

Just felt like saying this ya know. OC creators, you deserve a million rounds of applause. Now go and be AWESOME!!! <3
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AskNubia Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013
((...I needed this. This is exactly what I needed to hear. I don't know how you do it, but this is what I needed to hear.))
Ask-Xian Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013
(( aww dearie ; u ;
well i'm glad ya found something in this haha u v u
your OC is very lovely and people should know that! keep at it dear(: ))
Moody-like-a-Kria Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013
[ I agree with everything that you said. As the (proud) owner of this little guy here, I can say I am proud of what he is now after all the research, questions and basically reading and writing I did. But lots of people have great OCs, you included! I guess, in the end, if we all do our part, OC or not, we always end up coming with something great! o v o ]
WeirdnessMaster25 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I totally agree with you :) well except for one thing, only certain canon characters get a lot of asks. I have a germany and sweden ask account and only have had three asks.
AskScythia Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013
((You are the one who deserves respect! Admitting that you and Annshi had flaws in the beginning is something not many would dare to do~ Keep up this good work! And this journal is so touching QwQ you're great girl))
Ask-Xian Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013
(( shh shh, we all deserve respect, yes? u v u

well haha; a lot of times people think that i have made annshi like this from the very start and i get a lot of praise where i really shouldn't--also i think it's good to be honest about all this juncture about OCs and such haha-- Your OC is so lovely; so much research associated with her and quite a beauty too! asdfkglhklg; why thank you ; u ; im glad ya like it~! ))
AskScythia Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013
((Haha, yes, of course~
Well, some people tend to negate any kind of flaw their OC has or might have had, so the simple fact of recognizing them is quite important; and you and your Annshi are just so nice and adorable, really, there's no praise you shouldn't get haha~ Aygyzel and I still have a long way to go, though, but thank you ^///^))
AlphonseElricsWife Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013  Student Filmographer
You're so awesome!;u;
The-ISOLATED-One Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013
(( d'aaw your so sweet cookie-chan!!! <333
i remember the days when i first make my OC |D i really do want to slap myself across the a bazillion times now
but im glad on how i improved on making her ;;7;; i seriously don't know what to say hnnnggg-- i think im gonna cry

thank you omg! this journal really speaks to me right now <3333 yes, i shall continue to be awesome ;w;
i lost words already, im so gomen-- ;;w;; ))
Idontknowwhoyouknow Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well... sorry I'm not an ask account...

I also agree with all your points here, because your OCs are somehow... er... like...involving history or something...because that's what...ya... the nature of Hetalia. And as a historical fiction writer, I agree with the thing about being a crazy shipper at first is a pretty stupid thing to do, but I'm happy you learned. History is dark, and we must be careful.

I once had an RP account of an OC ~AskDIYogyakarta but I'm not sure whether to open her yet...
Capri-of-the-North Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013
(( If I could jump back in time... I would grab my past-self, smack her, and bleat like a goat. Then scream until Westman was fixed.
Wow I've had Westman for two years now. So many things have changed since I created him.

I always applaude good OC creators and good canon character rpers. I have seen some rpers who rped canon characters who were unbelievably BAD. Yet nobody said anything. Then I see a GOOD OC rper and almost nobody wants to talk to them. It's unfair, really. ))
Prateh-Kampuchea Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
((OC's are a growing process: there's ups and downs, but in the end they mature with us. uwu Its' one of those things, y'know, to be proud of and look back on how far they've come and how much you've both grown~))
Ask-2PEngland Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013
{Haha this reminds me
I gotta go research some stuff.

I love to see people make OCs, it's always exciting to see how they develope their characters according to their history--and other little things about the area that nobody would usually pay any mind to.
I forgot what else I was going to say. 8D }
Saltwater-Joys Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013
Admin: asdf- d'aweeeeee~ *sniff tear*
this journal beats freaking sugar for sweetness, and so do you for taking the precious time to type it up
Land-of-her-People Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013
((ah, yes! I would say that this journal is just wonderful! thank you so much dear. <3

Personally for me when I see a canon character I just say that it's an OC since I did come across some bad canon characters and often when I try to find a canon character I try to look at if they did the research or not. So I suppose that most people's OCs are so well made and deserve the attention.))
Ask2PFemItaly Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
((I must agree with you. All those OCs go through a lot. I've actually considered doing it for one of my own OCs, but I've never had guts like that.
But for some reason, this actually sparked me into actually making an account for my OC, so thank you~. ^^
But anyway, salutes to you and all OC accounts.))
Ask-Xian Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013
(( GO FOR IT!! I will support you! Go for it! Go, go, go! Take your time as well! u v u I made the mistake of rushing it, and I ended it up with a too horrific of an OC. This one. Annshi. It's depressing AHAHA--

Aww, and I'm very honored that this sparked ya a bit to make an account for your OC
u v u Don't give up and go for it! I'll support ya forever and ever~!! >U< ))
Ask2PFemItaly Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
((Yeah, I remember when I tried to rush it at first... a country between America and England that wasn't discovered by them until 1845, yet Romans did.. ^^;; needless to say the idea was scraped...

Thank you :iconcblushplz:
If you ever need any support, just come my way! :meow:))
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